My notes focused on very different facets of the program concept as applied in the context of social change.

To begin with, any attempt to intervene in social processes required an understanding of its fundamental properties.

As a prelude to the real topic of my inquiries, I critically reviewed the current project concept, referring to my own experiences.

An extensive discussion of the internal dynamics of the program concept followed, in particular of key notions vitally important for the program to function adequately.

The most essential part of my narrative dealt with the potentially unique relationship between a resource program and the institutional playing field. I analysed the cultural values that lie behind programmatic thinking, and further, gave consideration to issues of scale, evaluation and how donors could optimize their role.

To demonstrate how the program concept works out in practice, I brought along a range of program archetypes. Using an analytical framework developed for this purpose, they were situated on a wider spectrum that allowed of positioning each of them, based on how they relate to processes of social change.

I ended my narrative arguing that the resource program concept is eminently suitable for helping to realize the goals and objectives fostered by social movements such as the transition movement.