For more than 30 years I have gained experience in developing and supporting projects and programs in the social sector in more than 25 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, North America and Europe.

In 1975 I started my career in the Netherlands, initially as a social worker, later as a social planner involved in urban development.

A five-year employment with Unesco took me to Senegal and Malawi in 1979 to helping to shape their non-formal education programs.

In 1984 I joined the Bernard van Leer Foundation, an international philanthropic institute based in The Hague, the Netherlands - an innovator in the field of pedagogical care and education for young children. In my role as senior program specialist I worked for the institute until 2012.

Though my professional career has ended, my interest in issues around development and social change remained.

After a process of reflection and analysis of my experiences, I have shared my insights with the interested reader on this site for a longer period of time. The results of which, in an extended and revised version, will become available in book form in 2021.